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Plants of the genus Vanda and related genera are endemic to southern and southeastern Asia and much of the East Indies.  Most of them grow as a single stalk with new leaves growing from the top of the axis.  Blooms appear on spikes that generally grow out of the central axis of the plant near the new growth.






Aerides rosea (above & below) is native to India, southern China, and northern Vietnam.








Above and below are two species of Ascocenda, an hybrid of Ascocentrum and Vanda.







The Mokara above is an hybrid of Ascocentrum, Vanda, and Arachnis.





Neofinetia is a one-species genus similar to the Vanda.  It is endemic to Japan and Korea.





Vandofinetia is, as the name implies, an hybrid of Neofinetia and Vanda.  The upper picture shows the aggressive root growths descending out of the 4-inch basket housing it.  The picture below is a close-up of the blooms.









Sedirea is a one-species genus.  The japonica was formerly classified as an Aerides.  More thorough investigation revealed differences sufficient to reclassify it in a genus of it's own.  The new genus was named reversing the name.