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These two genera are native to Southeast Asia and the East Indies and a few species in Australia and New Zealand. 





In addition to a large variety of species Dendrobium, Thailand produces many attractive man-made hybrids such as this one.  (Above and below)



Old Roy here (above and below) became a hot item on the market a few years back.  It is a reliable and profuse bloomer.  The plant stays in bloom for a long period of time too.





The densiflorum is endemic to the 1000-2000 meter level of the Himalayas and is found in India, Nepal, Bhutan, Myanamar, Thailand, and China.  As the name implies, it produces dense clusters of blooms.



The lindleyi is a lower altitude plant found in India, Myanamar, Thailand, Vietnam, and China.



The secundum (above and two below) is native to an extensive range from Myanamar through Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Borneo, and the Philippines.  It produces large spikes of many small blooms on non-leaved canes.







Most of the genus Dendrochilum is characterized by long pendulous strings of tiny blooms.  The filiforme species (above and two below) is native to the Philippines.