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Masdevallia is a genus of orchid found in tropical America, primarily on the slopes of the Andes and connecting mountain chains.  At first glance, they appear quite different in form to the better known genera.  The flower construction is quite specialized.  The 3 "petals" readily visible are actually the sepals of the flower.  The actual petals are quite tiny and, of course, located at the junction of the sepals.  Compared to the more familiar genera, the plants and flowers are small.






Herradurae is profuse grower and bloomer.  Sort of the zucchini of the orchid world.  The penny is there to give you an idea of the diminutive size.






Peach Fuzz is an hybrid of Masdevallia constricta and Masdevallia veitchiana.  It prefers the cool growing conditions of the veitchiana parent which is endemic to a higher altitude.





The snow white tovarensis comes from the 1600-2400 meter elevations in Venezuela.



The veitchiana (above and below) is found in only one limited locale in nature:  the immediate area of the lost city of Macchu Picchu at the 2000-4000 meter elevation in the Peruvian Andes.  The beauty of it's iridescent orange color is difficult to copy in photographs.